When you purchase belts and parts for your harvesting equipment do you go for the “lowest cost” item or the “lowest cost per ton” item?

For our agricultural customers Empire Rubber & Supply offers many high value, “lower cost per ton” products…products that may cost a little more up front, but last many seasons longer than the typical “lowest cost” product.

Consider cleated harvester/piler belts. There are aftermarket cleated belts and there are integrally molded cleated belts. Aftermarket cleated belts start with a flat conveyor belt that is roughed up to receive a cleat that is vulcanized on using cement & heat/pressure. After a couple seasons, the cement fails & the cleats begin to delaminate.

ag-potatoesEmpire Rubber & Supply’s integrally molded cleated belt has its cleats and base belt cured together in one process at the factory. There is no cement between the cleat & the belt to fail! They are cured together to form one integral belt.

So what do you think…would you rather spend your money on a new set of tires with a 100k mile warranty, or spend your hard earned $$ on retreads!

Get more bang for your buck, call Empire Rubber & Supply and get a quote on one of our Integrally Molded Cleated belts today!


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