The pulp and paper industry faces many unique conveying challenges. They must be concerned about limiting product loss, providing safety for workers, and maintaining costly systems. From the log-delivery and chipping/digesting stage to the rolling and paper-cutting stage to the package-handling stage, many different types of belting and belting components are be required to move product.


paper-paperEmpire Rubber & Supply provides the pulp and paper industry with the necessary belting for their specialized equipment. Counter ejector systems moving & stacking paper/paperboard require special belting to provide enough grip to pull the paper along without being so “sticky” so as to cause jams. Other important specialty belts supplied to the pulp and paper industry are tube winding belts, vacuum and folder belts for S&S, Ward Flexo and Mini Martin systems, and belt tapes for ECH Will Sheeter systems. We can fit your line shaft cone drives with combination leather-nylon or rubber-nylon belts that allow for smooth and easy machine adjustment. Our plastic and wire mesh belts are perfect for dewatering pulp.


paper-machineEmpire Rubber & Supply also offers many necessary belting components and accessories. From belt scrapers, pre-cleaners and secondary cleaners for removing wet and messy pulp, to rubber expansion joints that allow for vibration and movement in pipes, to gasket rubber and blower ducting hose, we have what you need.

Empire Rubber & Supply offers 24-hour on-site installations, so if you need help with your conveying system please give us a call today.

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