Food Processing

Looking for new solutions for your processing plant? Empire Rubber & Supply has been bringing innovation to the food proccessing industry for decades. With Empire Rubber & Supply “Continuous Improvement” is a way of doing business, not an invention of convenience to garner purchasing contracts.


food-friesBug counts got you down? Let Empire Rubber & Supply help improve your bottom line with products specially compounded & constructed to reduce/eliminate bacterial harborage. Empire has many products with antimicrobial agents to inhibit bacterial growth. Empire can also cap the edges of your belts to prevent the wicking of contamination into the fabric. Lower bug counts mean happier customers and fewer interruptions to your production schedule.


food-scrubSpending hours upon hours washing & soaking modular plastic belts to keep them clean? The patented Intralox Thermodrive positive drive solid urethane belt provides the long life benefits of modular, without all the cleaning nightmares. Solid urethane construction eliminates all the nooks & crannies associated with modular belt and provides outstanding wear & abrasion resistance. The reduction in water consumption, cleaning chemicals, labor to sanitize, equipment wear, labor to maintain, and loss of production pays for the belting many times over the life of the product.

Call Empire Rubber and Supply today and discover what innovations you’ve been missing!

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